What are NFTs?

NFTs are a piece of code in the blockchain with the property of not being able to be changed or copied. They are unique and cannot be replaced or damaged, since they are stored in a network of computers. NFTs are widely used for verification of ownership, documents, arts, and other security actions.

How could NFTs and pets combine?

NFTs are still not widely utilized, that's why you will not have found anything connecting them with real pets, that is until now. The team behind NFTPet.com has set itself the goal of providing new solutions and features – we are offering a new service with which you can find and verify your pet’s information and you can prove that you are the owner in case the animal is lost.

Here you will find more information about what we are working over - pets’ welfare, pet bio access through mobile devices, forgery resistant technology for your pet’s bio, breed information and family heritage, and finally the physical item, using QR code. Cool, right?

Pets’ welfare

Humanity cares about animals one way or another, which is why we work on improving pets’ welfare and their life standards.

Pet bio access on mobile devices

Our services provide an easy way to access pet’s data using your mobile phone. If you find a lost pet, you can immediately get all the necessary information and bring it back to the owner. This feature is also helpful if you would like to buy or adopt a new animal – you will instantly get its entire bio.

Forgery resistant technology for your pet’s bio

Thanks to blockchain technology, the information stored in the chip is secured and cannot be subject to unauthorized changes. It means that you add another layer of security for your pet. Even if it is lost or stolen, it is much easier to prove your ownership and have it back home.

Breed information and family heritage

Your life with your new pet starts at the breeder’s or pet shop. With our service you can check the history behind the breed information, family heritage, age, gender, and other available information that could be hidden by the breeder.

The physical item – using the QR code

The pets are equipped with scannable QR code that contains important information about race, name, age, and address, if the owner decides to make it available. This is very helpful if the animal is lost and the one who found it can bring it back to you.

Our Team

The team behind NFTPet.com is international. Coming from different parts of the World and multiple industries and professional backgrounds, we have gathered together to work on projects that matter to us. We are excited to support animal welfare and also help people get closer to blockchain technology as well as discover the benefits of NFTs.

Contact Us

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